Room 1

Nau mai haere mai, welcome.

In room one we take pride in our learning. We welcome new challenges and strive to be risk takers! As we learn more about ourselves through concept learning, we develop a sense of self and gain independence. Asking ourselves questions (also known as self-talk) is so important in Room 1.  It helps us think before we act and it also helps us reflect on our actions. We are looking forward to an exciting year of exploring, taking risks, innovating, powerful learning and making good decisions. 








Homework needs to be done each night from Monday to Thursday and consists of reading, spelling and basic facts (maths). 

All information about homework has been glued into the front of the homework book.


It is very important that reading is done every night with an adult and that the adult is asking questions about the text. Children need to be asked literal, inferential and applied knowledge questions. 

For example a literal question could be; “What colour hat was Sarah wearing?” or “How did the family get to the beach?”

An inferential question is a question about the story where the answer is not written in words, but instead is implied by the author. For example; “In the story the author tells us the carnival is in summer. Why do you think they would hold the carnival in summer?”

An applied knowledge question is a question that asks the reader to use the information from the text and apply that information to similar situations or ideas. For example, “In the story we are told that during the carnival the floats move very slowly. Why do you think the floats move slowly?”

It is also very valuable to discuss synonyms, word meanings and character’s emotions with the children.  

In class as a follow up activity we often complete information webs, character descriptions and story maps to show our understanding of the story.  These could also be completed in their homework book as an extension.


Maths homework needs to be completed each night with your child.  Please visit the follow website and select the appropriate level

It is important that children practice using the timed tests also.


The spelling words your child needs to learn each night are words which they have misspelled from their Bring Spelling Alive test.  We do a test every Friday and the new words will come home on a Monday.  The spelling lists often have a similar sound in common which can be reinforced at home.  Any extra words are chosen by the children and relate to what we are learning about, as well as words the children have misspelled during writing or reading tasks. It is important that spelling is practiced every school night (Monday-Thursday) using a range of different activities that we use in class.