Room 11

Hello and welcome to Room 11

We are a class of little people who just love to learn.

If you need to get hold of our Teacher, her email address is


Just remember that before school she is pretty busy and she has meetings to go to on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school.

This is what our busy day looks like;

Fitness: We start the day with exercise.

Handwriting: We are learning how to write the letters of the alphabet. All of us are writing using chalk on a blackboard. Some of us are nearly ready to use a pencil to write on special lines.

Oral Language: Before we begin writing we share our thinking and ideas with others. 

Story Writing: We draw a simple picture to plan our ideas. Then we share our drawing with a buddy before dictating a couple of sentences to our Teacher so that she can write our ideas for us.

Brain Food: At 10.00 am we stop for a really quick snack of either fruit, vegetables or nuts. You can help by making sure it is cut up for us so it is easy to eat.

Maths: We are following the Numeracy Project for Maths. We are divided into ability groups where we use materials to compute answers to problems. We have looked at Statistics and have graphed our brain food. We also have looked at shapes and we found a cool song all about shapes.

Reading: Each Monday and Wednesday we get a new book to explore and to take home to share. You can help us by:

  • listening to us  read
  • asking us to find high frequency words
  • getting us to retell the storyline using our own words
  • asking simple questions about the plot, setting and characters


Our Library Day is Tuesday.


Topic: We are currently looking at concepts.This term we are looking at Thinking and Questioning Skills.

P.E. : We are currently learning how to play AFL as part of the Kiwi Sport Programme.



We also do Art, Music, Dance, Drama and Te Reo so we are really tired at the end of the day.


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