Room 12

Yr 1

Miss Ann Huang

Welcome to Room 12

Homework is made up of reading and in year 1 children are expected to do between 10 and 15 minutes.


3 ways to read a book

•Look and tell a story from the pictures
•Retell the story
•Read the words
•Reading is more than decoding, ask why, what do you think/take a guess, look at the pictures
I might ask you to practice High Frequency Words and letter sounds/names for you to do with your child
You can help your child by making writing puposeful by:
•Make lists
•Write postcards/birthday cards
•Make words/letters using: sticks, stones, lego, playdough, in sand, use different coloured pens/crayons
 You can help your child in maths by:
•Counting forward and backwards from any number
•Facts to 5 and 10
•Recognising maths in everyday life