Room 13

Welcome to Year 4 and 5!

Room 13 is home to 26 vibrant Year 4 and 5 learners at Oteha Valley School.

Here you will find information about our homework and some other useful links.

During the term I'll be continuing to send out reminders and information via email - if you don't get these and would like to be added to the mailing list please let me know.

Term 1 is shaping up to be very busy indeed and includes a trip to Te Hana for our Year 5 students. If you would like any information or have any questions as the term progresses please do get in touch or pop in after 8.30 when i'll be in class.

During Term 1 and 4 children must have their hat with them everyday.  They can still wear the old uniform hat if they have it.  Alternatively, please make sure they have the new black one which can be ordered online or purchased at the office. Thank you

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  • Library
  • Homework books come home
  • Reading logs due in for marking


  • Signed homework books due in for marking



This term we are taking part in 6 cricket sessions.  These run from Week 3 - 6.

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Homework in Room 13

Reading logs come home with children every afternoon and are with them during the weekend.

Homework books come home on Mondays and are collected and marked on Fridays. These stay in school over the weekend. Please sign your child's homework book on Thursday evening.

Reading logs and homework books are checked daily so need to come to school each day.

Below is some information about each area of our homework.  If you have any questions please get in touch and I'm happy to go over anything with you or give you some extra ideas.


New spelling words come home on Mondays.  Children work on these from Monday to Friday.  During class time on Friday we test the children and give them new words ready for the following week.  Spelling words are taken from a number of places, these include interesting words discovered during reading, misspelled words during writing, topic words and words that fit a spelling pattern or rule we're working on in class.  Spelling words are unique and individual and differ from child to child.

In Year 4 and 5 children continue to develop their vocabulary and need to use more interesting language in their writing. Spelling words often reflect this and there is a focus on children being able to use their spelling words in their writing.

As part of spelling homework children can:

  • Write their word in a sentence
  • Find antonyms or synonyms
  • Find the definition


The children are encouraged to read and fill out their reading log 7 days a week.  Children need to read for enjoyment and experience a range of materials.  Reading can include library books, poems, newspaper articles, recipes, online articles... anything your child enjoys to read.  An important part of Year 4 is the children knowing what types of books they like to read and being able to find these in the library.  Librarians are also awesome people to talk to for recommendations of titles or authors young readers enjoy.

If you would like to ask your child some quesions about what they have read here are some ideas of things to discuss with them.  Reading Questions.pdf


At home we encourage the children to build their knowledge of basic facts.  In particular their rapid recall of these facts so they can learn to apply this knowledge in school.  Children can freely access the below website and record their progress in their homework book each night.

If you would like to work on these with your child the aim is that they can answer you aloud in under 3 seconds.  When they are writing or typing the answer we understand it will take a little longer.   On the links page there are some other sites your child can explore at home to support their maths.

Another fantastic website for basic facts is  Both these sites are compatible with any devices.


There is no homework requirement for writing however many children love to write at home.  All children will be getting signed up for Storybird where they will be able to read what other children in our room have written, create their own texts as well as editing existing stories of their own.  Children are able to comment on their classmates texts which is a great way to encourage their friends and identify what they have done well in their writing. is another great website or app that children can compose texts on.  They can share these with others via email or publish them on the site.  This is free to sign up for.

I love seeing what the children have worked on at home and do ask them to share their masterpieces with me. Laughing



At Oteha Valley we celebrate mistakes!  We know making a mistake shows we're trying and gives us an opportunity to learn.  We know challenges help our brain get stronger and are working hard to shift our mindsets.  We try to use a GROWTH MINDSET in everything we do.

Below are some clips to help you see how we started learning about Growth Mindsets.

Having a Growth Mindset isn't just for children, it's great for adults too and their are many articles out there you might like to read.  

Here is one example