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Welcome to the Brain Gym!

Welcome to Room 15's Brain Gym. A team of powerful learners, we are always trying to grow our brains by taking on new and challenging tasks with our teacher, Mr R. Our positive growth mind-set lets us tackle new learning head on. Encouraging each other is what we do best and we always help those in need. Come and join us for a workout!

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Our Week, Term 2

Monday Reading and spelling homework sent home

Tuesday Library

Friday Reading logs marked and homework books handed in


Homework books come home on Monday and are collected as well as marked on Friday. They stay at school over the weekend.

Children are expected to read every night of the week, including weekends. Spelling and basic fact homework is to be completed Monday through to Thursday.


Children are expected to read either the book given to them at school or an appropriate book of their choosing, every night.

Reading logs come home with children every day and are checked on Friday. Children are expected to write a comment about the book they read, every night.

Reading Log Comments.PNG


Children will bring 10-15 new spelling words home every Monday. Practise spelling these at home Monday through Friday with your them. Using a dictionary to find the meaning of words, as well as using them in sentences, is a great way for your child to learn their words.

Spelling words are taken from a number sources, including a pre-test, children's writing books and readers. as well as words from around the room that fit the spelling pattern they are learning.


Children use Prototec to practise their basic facts, every night. Click here to access the site.

Brain Food

Brain Food is a healthy snack, eaten around 10:00am every day. Please ensure this is a healthy, whole-food snack, like fruit, vegetables or nuts.


Children drink milk with, or as an alternative to, their brain food.

Concept Learning

Our Concept Learning focus for Term 1 is Identity. Our Term 2 focus will be Thinking and Questioning. More specifically, we will be focusing on building a kind and caring classroom culture, built through bucket filling; developing a growth mind-set; and, gaining a better understanding of what makes us unique.


The Brain Gym

Currently, we are using our blog to access classroom learning links. Expect posts later in the year.