Room 20

Yr 4

Miss Kirsten Adey

Welcome to Room 20

We are Year 4 students at Oteha Valley School.

Parents and family members can see our work on Seesaw.  If you have not signed up for this yet please email Miss Adey for more details.  



Homework books, book bags and reading logs need to come to school every day.

Homework books are collected in on Friday and returned to the class on Monday.

Each week children have 10-15 words that they need to learn and practice. These words are pre tested at school.

Basic facts homework is now online and children are expected to practice these every day.They will need to put a tick in their homework book to show they have practised. This is the link 

They are also expected to read each night and record the title of the book in their Reading log. These are collected in on Mondays or Tuesdays and given back the same day.

For more information about homework please refer to the two letters inside the children's homework books.