Room 3




Welcome to Room 3

My name is Liz Hammelburg. I am thrilled and privileged to be teaching your children this year.

This year our learning will focus around developing the Key Competencies that all students require to become life-long learners. These competencies are the building block for learning across all curriculum areas by encouraging thinking and questioning, risk taking, self management, collaboration, and understanding our own identity.

Room 3 is a very enthusiastic group of year 3 learners who are learning to think more deeply and as probing questions. We will also learn about when it’s important to work independently and when our learning and experiences benefit from working with others.

As part of creating a positive classroom community we will be developing a class blog so watch this space!

I work on an open door policy and value contact with all of my parents. There may be times however when you need to speak with me privately. I suggest that you email me to make an appointment at 





Your child needs to bring their reading book, reading log and homework book to school everyday.

Each week your child will come home with maths, reading, and spelling homework. Many of our class members undertake wonderful activities after school which develop important skills. The level of homework given should easily slot into their routines. Maths and spelling can be practiced whilst driving between activities and, where possible, children can read to a sibling. Students are also taught how to manage and complete their own maths and spelling homework.

Please encourage your child to share the things they do outside of school with us.



Reading books are sent home each Monday and Wednesday.

Children are encouraged to read for at least 15 minutes per day. Your child should write the title of every book they read in their reading diary and parents should sign the log each day. 

We visit the library each week as a class and choose books to read for pleasure. The library is also open each lunchtime if children wish to swap books or snuggle up and read during their break. To help get the book at the correct level children can use the 5 finger rule.  They read a page and every time they come to a word that is too difficult they put up a finger.  If by the end of the page they have 5 fingers out then the text is too complicated for them and they should either read it with and adult or older sibling or select a new book.

You can further support your child by reading with them and to them. Similarly, if your child is curious about something you could research information together. Read recipes and instructions for games and activities together.



Our Spelling Alive programme is alive and well and proved very successful during our trial last year. Spelling words will be sent home each Monday and can be found in your child's homework book.

Encourage your child to practice their words each night and have fun making interesting or fun sentences using their words. Please discuss and look up the meaning of unknown words.

If you would like some creative tips for learning spelling word please feel free to pop in or email me.

Spelling words will be tested each Friday. 



Gaining instant recall of basic facts is essential knowledge that can aid your child's progress in maths. Basic facts can be practised each night, online, using this website:  

Maths is FUN!  Play number games, race each other to add or multiply the numbers on car licence plates, tell the time together and calculate the cost of items when out shopping. It's can also be fun to cook, bake or create things together and discuss the measurements used. 



Important things to remember:

  • Brain Food - We have a brain food break each morning. Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack packed in a separate container (e.g. chopped fruit, nuts, dried fruit, vegetables). We are a lolly free school. 
  • Kiwisport -  details will be advised via a notice coming home
  • Swimming – This term we will be attending a two week intensive swimming programme at Northern Arena. Details will be sent home and posted online in due course.  


Days we do things:


Library – Tuesday afternoon. This year your child can take three books home each week.

P.E - Usually Monday and Thursday

Assembly - Every second week on a Friday afternoon at 2.10 - Anyone is welcome!

Fitness - We have fitness every day.



Celebrating our Learning

This year we are using Seesaw,

We love to celebrate and share our learning on this site. Logon details for parents have been sent home. Please feel free to write a comment about your child's posts or class items. We'd love to hear from you.