Room 4

Welcome to Fantastic Four!!!

We are a Year 2 class with 24 fantastic students. In Room 4 we strive to be Risk Takers in all aspects of our learning. By taking risks we are demonstrating our willingness to try new things and be the best we can be. We respect each other by using our manners and remembering to say "please, thank you and I'm sorry".

Please check in regularly and follow our learning journey throughout 2016!

Weekly Timetable


Spelling words home

New reader home


Kiwisport - Golf


New reader home 


Spelling Test 


Assembly - odd weeks (singing) even weeks (formal)


A new reader goes home on a Monday and Wednesday. Please read this with your child and discuss the story. Questions you may ask:

- Who were the characters in the story?

- Can you retell the story?

- Where was the story set?

- What was your favourite part of the story?

- Why did they like/dislike the story?

Make sure you write each night of reading into the yellow reading log. This needs to come to school every day.

On a Tuesday and Thursday your child may bring home anther book as well as their reader. This is a book they have chosen from a choosing box. This can be read as well as their reader. 

On a Friday children are allowed to get two library books out. These are not homework but are for you to read with your child. They can be included in the reading log as weekend reading.


On a Friday we have spelling. Children will be tested on their spelling words from the previous week. On Monday they will write in their new spelling words for the next week. 

Please go through the spelling words with your child every night. A good way to learn the words is for your child to read the word, say it, cover it, write it/spell it, check it. 

Spelling books must come to school EVERY day as we use them during the day for spelling activities. 


Term 4 The Language of Learning

Our key competency for term 4 is The Language of Learning. Speaking and listening are the basis of learning. The more language we have, the more effectively we can communicate with others. Through speaking and listening, children are continuously expanding their vocabulary. Developing an understanding of the words they are using is crucial to the language of learning. 

We will be exploring these concepts in more detail throughout the term.

Brain Food

Brain Food is at 9.50am and consists of a small healthy snack (fruit, vegetables, cheese or nuts). We also participate in Milk for Schools so children have the option to have milk instead of brain food.  

Morning Tea and Lunch

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy morning tea and lunch every day. As we are a lolly free school no lollies or chocolate are allowed at school. This includes for birthdays and special occasions. If you are stuck for healthy lunch box ideas we have some ideas on the wall beside our bag cupboards. Alternatively, I am happy to send a letter home with ideas if you request one. 

Another option for lunches is Ezlunch ( There are many different hot and cold meals which you can order online and have them delivered to the school office. The children collect their lunch order from the office at lunch eating time. There are some great options available!

Classroom and Playground Expectations

The Pod opens at 8:15am every morning. Students are welcome to come in to the classroom any time after this time. When children arrive they are expected to bring their bags in and hang them on a hook or place them on a shelf in the bag cupboard. They take their drink bottles out of their bags and place them on the drinks trolley. Children are then welcome to go outside to play or find a quiet activity in the classroom. Children are NOT allowed on the playground before or after school unless they are with a parent or guardian. Teachers are not supervising children on the playground at these times.

The bell goes at 8:50am by which time children should be packed up and sitting on the mat ready for the day. 

School ends at 2:50pm every day. Children who get picked up from the drop off zone are expected to get there as soon as the bell goes. They are not to go to the playground or hang around the school as this can hold up the queue for the drop off zone. Children must only get in their car from the designated spot when instructed by the teacher/s on duty at the drop off zone. This is for safety reasons as the car park is VERY busy at this time of day.

Children who have not been picked up by 3:00pm will be taken to the office to wait.



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