Room 5

Haere Mai! Welcome to Room 5!

We are the fabulous Room 5 of Oteha Valley School are on a fantastic learning adventure! We love being powerful learners and exploring lots of new things with our teacher, Mr R. Taking risks is what we do best and we always make cool choices because we want to be successful in our learning. We also love sharing our learning at school, at home and on our blog! Come and join us on our journey to success by visiting us at

Days to Remember

Kiwi Sport - Tuesday, Week 3-6

Library - Thursday

Assembly - Alternating Fridays

Singing - Alternating Fridays


Your child will receive a new book every Monday and Wednesday. Please read this with them every night and ask your child questions about the text.


Your child will receive up to 10 new spelling words each week. Please call these out to your child and have them make the sounds with the help of their tool hand. Having your child record their words after using their tool hand is a good idea as using their words in a sentence.

Concept Learning

This term we will be focusing on the Language of Learning and Science. You can follow us on our concept learning journey on our blog by clicking here.


The spelling programme in Room 5 is based on the Bring Spelling Alive programme. Children will receive up to 10 new spelling words each week.

Brain Food

Brain Food is a healthy snack, generally eaten around 10:00 AM in Room 5. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and plain popcorn are a great snack.


The best times to contact me are before and after school. You are most welcome to come into the classroom or you can email me at