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Welcome to Room 9


We are a Year 1/2 class made up of 23 AWESOME students!

We strive to be Risk Takers in all aspects of our learning. We know that taking risks helps us to become Powerful Learners so we can be the best we can be. 


Our teacher is Miss Muir. Miss Muir taught in Room 4 last year with Year 2's and in Room 9 with Year 1's the previous year. 


Please come in and check out all the work we have been doing :)



Daily Homework Activities


Reading - A new book goes home every Monday and Wednesday. The children will keep this book for 2 nights so that they can build their fluency and confidence with their reading. On a Tuesday and Thursday children may choose to bring home an extra book to read at home. This is usually a book that is below their reading level and one they have chosen themselves.

How can you help?

When your child gets stuck on a word encourage them to sound out the word, paying attention to ALL the sounds in the words (not just the initial sound). If they are really stuck then help them out. We use our 'tool hands' when we sound out words so ask them to use this to help them keep track of the sounds.

Ask them questions about the story...

-Who were the characters?

- What was the setting?

- What was your favourite part? Why?

- What was the problem in the story?

- How was the problem solved?

- What have you learnt?

- Can you retell the story to me?


Butterfly words - All children bring home leveled words in the shape of a butterfly. These words are usually at or above their reading level. They are words that they are likely to encounter in their readers regularly. Please practice these as much as possible as the more words they know instantly, the more it will help their reading. Children will be tested at school regularly on these words and when all the words are correct, they will receive a new set. 


Activities to support butterfly word recognition:

- Make the words into flashcards. Show the word and children say


- Read the butterfly - child reads all the words on the butterfly.

- Read, Say, Write - child reads the word, says it and then writes it.

- Rainbow write - choose 5 words a day - child says the word and

  writes it in rainbow colours.

- Magnetic letters - choose 5 words and write using magnetic


- Chalk - write 5 words on the drive way with chalk.

- Wooden pegs - write the alphabet on some wooden pegs - children

   build words with the pegs.

- Three times - choose 5 words and child writes them 3 times each.

- Memory match - make 2 sets of words into flash cards and play

  the memory game.


These are just a few ideas - you can make your own activities also. If your child knows all their words but has not got a new set yet, you can get them to write or say the words in a sentence to show they know the meaning of the word.


Spelling (Year 2's only)


In Year 2 children begin spelling. They will only start receiving spelling words once they have reached Yellow (level 6) reading books. Each week 10 words will come home. Five of these words have been selected from their spelling level (based on a spelling test) and the other five are words they have misspelt in their story writing. Children should practice these words every day with the read, say, write activity above. 

On a Friday or Monday they will be tested on the previous weeks words and given a new set


Weekly Activities



New reader home




PE - Get Set Go

New reader home




Assembly - even weeks

Singing - odd weeks