Behaviour Management

It’s very important to us that all children feel safe and supported at Oteha Valley School. While we acknowledge that bullying and inappropriate behaviour can happen, we respond quickly. We have developed school-wide strategies that all staff teach and reinforce so children know what to do if they feel unsafe or unhappy about the behaviour of other children.

We talk about three kinds of choices children can make when faced with a problem:

  • Cool Choices - these are choices children make that are confident and positive – these choices solve problems
  • Weak Choices - these are choices children make to cry or sulk if they don’t get their own way - these choices don’t solve problems
  • Aggro Choices - these are choices children make that hurt others – these choices make problems worse

We encourage ‘cool’ choices in our school and consequences are put in place for children who make ‘aggro’ choices.

Children are taught to use their WITS to deal with inappropriate behaviour by others:

Walk Away: Children are encouraged to walk away from children who are annoying them.

Ignore: Ignoring inappropriate behaviour often results in it being stopped.

Tell Someone: If walking away and ignoring the problem doesn’t resolve it, children need to tell someone e.g. the duty teacher or their classroom teacher.

Stand Up For Yourself: Children are taught to be positive and strong and say “Stop it, I don’t like it” in a loud voice.