Vertical Teams

Our teachers are responsible for the success of all children in our school; not just the children in their own class. That’s why our classes are organised into three ‘vertical teams’, Nikau, Rimu, and Kowhai with representatives from Year 1 – 6.

Vertical teams have a Learning Leader; Miss Chantelle Rich (Nikau), Mrs Sara Ingram (Rimu) and Mr Matt Ingham (Kowhai). Each team plans together across school-wide topics and holds activities such as assemblies, sports or get-togethers to share what they have learnt with all the children in their classes.

Vertical teams help teachers gain sound knowledge of all curriculum areas and levels, not just the level they teach. This helps them meet the needs of children in their class who may be working at a different level to their peers. Both teams meet together to share and analyse data, discuss problems or issues and celebrate success.

The 2019 vertical teams are:



Room 13 Year 2 Mark Brown
Room 6 Year 2 Ann Huang
Room 1 Year 3/4 Joyce Ah Ching
Room 24 Year 5 Jenna Butler
Room 10 Year 1 Anna Harris
Room 8 Year 1 Kate Girvan
Room 17 Year 3/4 Chantelle Rich (Team Leader)
Room 28 Year 5 Chris Chase











Room 5 Year 2 Hannah An
Room 2 Year 3/4 Alice Nicholson Byers
Room 19 Year 3/4 Lucie Mbewu

Room 27

Year 5/6 Shaun Donnelly
Room 9 Year 1 Michelle Casey
Room 15 Year 2 Rosie Muir
Room 26 Year 6 Candice Plaisted
Room 3 Year 3/4 Sara Ingram (Team Leader)




Room 25 Year 6 Matt Ingham (Team Leader)
Room 7 Year 1 Jo Illing
Room 16 Year 2 Karen Liang/Sandra Skinner
Room 18 Year 3/4 Annie Meisnner
Room 4 Year 3/4 Collette Newman
Room 25 Year 6 Caitlin Winter
Room 23 Year 5 Sarah Dainty