Room 10

Yr 1

Mrs Anna Harris

Seesaw - This is where you will hear about/see our learning and any other important information that relates to our class. Please make sure you check this regularly to see updates of the children's work and to check for current information. 

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'The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.'

Welcome to parents and students of Room 10

Room 10 currently has 17 enthusiastic, energetic Year 1 children who love learning new things and exploring the world around them with their teacher Anna Harris.

Having a wonderful first year at school is important and In Room 10 we try to make all of our learning as much fun as possible. We incorporate play in our school day to help us learn to problem-solve because current research is showing us that this is the best way for children of this age to build social and physical skills as well as academic intelligence. We aim to be Powerful learners, Innovators, Explorers, Decision makers and Risk takers!

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Days to Remember  

Every day is memorable in Room 10!

Friday - Junior Assembly starts at 1:30 pm in the hall every alternate week. To find out if your child is receiving a certificate please phone the school on Thursday afternoon and you will be directed to an option which will inform you.


  • Please read with your child every night.
  • Children will bring home a new reader in their book bags twice weekly.
  • Children will have high frequency word cards. Please help your child to learn these each night.
  • Book bags need to come to school every day.                                                                                                


  • Some individually tailored maths knowledge work may be sent home. 


  • Encourage your child to play! 
  • Take them to the park or beach. Sand and sticks will provide your child with endless entertainment.
  • Play a game with them. Let them make up the rules.
  • Let them help you cook.
  • Make a hut in the lounge with blankets.
  • Lay out some newspaper. Give them paper, pens, glue and scissors and let them go to it.
  • Give them some empty boxes, stand back and watch.
  • Limit screens and above all allow your child to get bored because they will have to come up with something to do and that is where all the magic happens. You may find they complain but if you persist they will surprise you with the fun they have.  

Some things you might like to know about Room 10...





In Room 10 there are focused academic instructional times but also ample opportunities to play. There is lots of research behind why so many NZ schools are using play in their classrooms and why I use it as a tool for learning in mine. Intelligence is essentially the ability to problem-solve and research shows play is the best way for children to develop this ability. When the children play I am constantly looking out for opportunities to extend student's language, their thinking and also coach their social and emotional skills. There are also lots of chances to teach numeracy and literacy and the other subjects within this context. Play is also fun, and when children are having fun their brains are are in a state that is incredibly receptive to learning. Play is not frivolous, it is essential for a child's development so they can be a happy, intelligent. well adjusted adult one day.

Some other helpful tips for parents…

Water Bottles
Please make sure your child has a water bottle that they can use in class. This lessens the interruptions to the students learning time. Please ensure that it is named.

Brain food
We eat brain food everyday around 10. Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, or cheese, in their lunch box.