Room 11

Yr 1

Mrs Toni Howard

Welcome to Rm 11

Seesaw - This is where you will hear about/see our learning and any other important information that relates to our class. Please make sure you check this regularly to see updates of the children's work and to check for current information. 

Seesaw link -


Room 11 has 15 Year One students and one teacher who love learning and school!

We use play as our motivator to engage us in our learning, grow our language and social skills and encourage deeper thinking skills. Here is a favourite quote of mine (unfortunately I don’t know who wrote it).

“Research shows that play is vital to a child’s development, equipping them with the skills necessary to tackle humanity’s future, such as emotional intelligence, creativity and problem solving. To be a superhero is to lead; to host a teddy for tea is to organise; to build a fort is to innovate: to play is to learn.”

What is Play? The importance and meaning of play

Herald Article  Setting Kids Up To Succeed is Child’s Play

Communication: All our communication is through See Saw.

Independence: We are trying to foster independence in our children and the children have a list of jobs they need to do (not the adult with them), before school, to ensure they are ready for the day when the bell goes. To enable your child enough time to do these jobs (e.g. put their book bag away, put their water bottle in the box, put their bag away) please try to be at school between 8.30 and 8.40am. The children are much more settled when the 8.50am bell goes if they have had time to have a play and a chat to their friends.

Brain Food/Morning Tea/Lunches:  At around 10am we stop for a Brain Food snack of a piece of prepared fruit or vegetable (e.g. peeled/cut up). We also encourage named water bottles in class. We have a sit down eating time at morning tea and lunchtime. Please ensure your child’s lunch box contains at least one piece of prepared fruit and put any yoghurt into a container with a sealable lid and spoon. At lunch we will expect children to eat healthy food options first. There is a no sharing food policy at school due to allergies. All rubbish goes back into the lunch box to be disposed of at home.

 School Sunhats: These are to be worn outside in Term 1 and 4 at all times. The school has a policy of no hat/no outside play so we keep school hats at school so we always have them.


Reading: Reading at home helps your child gain confidence as a reader. This should be an enjoyable time for both your child and you, so relax and have fun! Please ensure your child reads daily and fill in the Home Reading Log each time. This book has valuable information about how to help your child with their reading. There will also be “sight words” on a wall shape for your child to practise reading daily. A great way to help them remember them is to write a word (e.g. “can”) on several post it notes and put the notes in places your child will see many times like the bathroom mirror, the TV, the fridge etc. Just work on one word at a time. When they have learnt some keep going over the old ones and the new ones. Please contact me if you have any questions (no question is too silly, your interest has already made your child a better learner). Please keep everything in the Book Bag and ensure your child returns it to school the next day. They will know where to put it.


Helping with Reading Writing and Maths at Home (from Ministry of Education)

Ideas to help your child with number knowledge

Letterland Songs Songs to help us learn the letter sounds

Casey Caterpillar Shapes These help us write our letters