Room 15

Yr 2

Miss Rosie Muir

 Welcome to Rm 15

Seesaw - This is where you will hear about/see our learning and any other important information that relates to our class. Please make sure you check this regularly to see updates of the children's work and to check for current information. 

Seesaw link -

We are a wonderful Year 2 class with 23 students. We are Risk Takers who show perseverance and resilience with our learning, always striving to be Powerful Learners. We are Decision Makers who show Respect for ourselves and others. 

Check out our Seesaw for regular updates with our learning.


Children receive a new reading book on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please encourage your child to read to you every night and fill in their reading log daily. We spend a lot of time working on high frequency word practice, sounding out words and retelling the story at school so these are some things you can work on at home after reading the story. You are also more than welcome to write into the reading log books that you have read to your child in the weekends so that they are reading or being read to every day. The more they read/are read to, the better.


Children will receive 5 or 10 spelling words on a Friday. Please practice these with your child daily. We also practice these at school daily during our reading program. You can be creative with how children practice the words but as a guide they should read the word, say the word, spell the word, write the word, say the word again. Children will be tested on a Friday. Please ensure they bring their spelling books to school EVERY day as we use them daily.