Room 20

Yr 3/4

Mrs Caitlin Winter


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Welcome to Room 20!


Homework books, book bags and reading logs need to come to school every day. 

Homework books are collected in on Friday and returned to the children the following Monday.   



Children will be bringing home 10 – 15 spelling words and these are a combination of words from our school spelling programme, errors in their writing and interesting vocabulary. These need to be practised every day from Monday to Thursday.



They need to read for AT LEAST 15 MINUTES daily to make a difference to their reading ability. It is great to read a variety of material and to record what they have read in their reading logs. Children will bring their reading log home every day and we encourage them to continue reading and writing over the weekend too, if they have time 



The children practise their basic facts online


Thank you for your support with your child’s homework!