Room 4

Yr 3/4

Mrs Collette Newman


Haere Mai! Huanying! Welcome to Room 4!

Seesaw - This is where you will hear about/see our learning and any other important information that relates to our class. Please make sure you check this regularly to see updates of the children's work and to check for current information. 

Seesaw link -


Days to Remember in Term 1

Library - TBC

Junior Assembly 1:35-1:55: Even Fridays/Singing Practise: Odd Fridays



Your child will receive a new book twice a week. Depending on what reading group they are in, they will take home a new book every Monday and Wednesday or every Tuesday and Thursday. Your child may also bring home a familiar book that they have read before. This book is pitched at the right level for your child. It might be that the vocabulary is challenging from time to time but it is good to be exposed to a broad range of words and phrases. Alternatively, the text may appear easier but it may be more challenging to understand.

Please read this with them each day when possible and ask your child questions about the text. For example, could you tell me what that story was about? How do you think the character felt? What do you think the author meant by that sentence? 


Depending on their level, your child will receive 10 new spelling words each week. These are taken partly from our spelling programme, Spelling Alive and partly from their reading books for the week. Check that your child understands what these words mean and can sound them out. The sounds to focus on are usually highlighted. It is hoped this practise will help your child recognise the words when reading and make a good attempt at spelling them in their writing.



 We have 3 food breaks during a typical school day:-

1. A five minute ‘brain food’ snack about 10.00 am when the children eat a healthy snack (no packets). Suggestions would be pieces of fruit or vegetables, a hard-boiled egg, cheese, or nuts as there is only a short time to eat. Should your child have an allergic reaction to any food, it is important to let me know. They may also choose to have the free school milk around this time.

2. Morning tea at 10:50 am.  The children can have whatever they like at this time but please note we are a lolly-free school. We recommend that if you are giving them yoghurt you put it in a smaller container and bring a spoon.  

3. Lunch at 12:40 pm. If your child is bringing a thermal and a spoon please write your child’s name on all your utensils. Should you deliver your child's lunch after school has started, please drop it off at the school office. 

It is highly recommended that your child has a named water bottle. It may be filled at the sinks in the ‘awhina’ space where there is filtered water available in the ‘skinny’ taps.

Our school is a rubbish-free school, so the children will be bringing their wrappers and scraps home in their lunch boxes.