Room 9

Yr 1

Mrs Michelle Casey

Welcome to Room 9

Seesaw - This is where you will hear about/see our learning and any other important information that relates to our class. Please make sure you check this regularly to see updates of the children's work and to check for current information. 

Seesaw link -



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 Welcome to Room 9, 2019

Kia ora!

We are a culturally diverse, Year 1, class made up of 18 AWESOME students. The languages spoken within our classroom are Korean, Bangla, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Manadarin.

We strive to be Decision Makers, Risk Takers, Innovators, and Explorers in all aspects of our learning. We know that taking risks empowers and enables us to become Powerful Learners.


 A Thursday or Friday is when Mrs Casey is usually available to meet after school but please e-mail or message via Seesaw if there is something you wish to discuss or to arrange an appointment.   


Brain food is at 9:50am. This consists of school milk from Term 2, if the learner has chosen to have this, OR a small fruit snack. Please ensure that your child does have something for Brain food in their lunchbox just in case the Milk hasn't arrived.

Lunch boxes: children need a good healthy lunch which consists of something substantial like sushi, rice, sandwiches, dumplings, wraps,rolls, rice, etc with fillings inside (tuna, marmite, ham and cheese, egg, jam, or a salad filling)  plus another snack in addition to morning tea and brain food. 

NO NUTS or peanut butter please due to severe NUT allergies 

Medical: if your child develops an allergy or a medical condition it is essential you inform the office and Mrs Casey as soon as possible, in confidence.

Colds/flu/vomiting/sickness: If your child is sick you need to keep them home please so the rest of us in the class do not get sick. Vomiting is a 24 hour stand down from the last time they were sick.

Address/phone number/: please ensure we are informed of any changes as soon as possible by email to either or to

Concept Learning Focus 2019:

Term 1 - Identity 

Term 2 - Managing Self

Part of this concept will be enabling the students to become independent and able to manage their daily life with responsibilities such as entering the Pod/classroom on their own so you will say Goodbye to them outside the Pod doors by the sandpit. They  will learn to be responsible for putting their bag and drink bottle away, getting their book bag and chair ready for the day.)

Term 3 - Collaboration

Term 4 - Thinking & Questioning 

Please look out our other pages for updates and information as well as the Seesaw app that we use in class for recording some of our daily work!

Daily Homework Activities


Reading - A new book goes home every Monday and Wednesday. The children will keep this book and read it for 2 nights so that they can build their fluency and confidence with their reading. On a Tuesday and Thursday children may choose to bring home an extra book to read at home. This is usually a book that is below their reading level and one they have chosen themselves.

How can you help?

When your child gets stuck on a word encourage them to sound out the word, paying attention to ALL the sounds in the words (not just the initial sound). If they are really stuck then help them out. We use our 'tool hands' when we sound out words so ask them to use this to help them keep track of the sounds.

Ask them questions about the story...

-Who were the characters?

- What was the setting?

- What was your favourite part? Why?

- What was the problem in the story?

- How was the problem solved?

- What have you learnt?

- Can you retell the story to me?

Please DO NOT cover the pictures. Children NEED pictures/visual cues to help them with working out what the word they are stuck on may be.

Let them read the book to you then you could read it back to them in your native language which may help them make connections to the story.

Weekly Activities



New reader home


No library for Term 1 as the library is CLOSED.



New reader home





Assembly - even weeks - Term 1 - please be seated in the school hall by 1:30pm.                Room 9's Assembly will be on Friday 23rd March. 

Singing assemblies are on odd weeks.