Homework is always a contentious issue. Some parents want their children to have regular homework while others don’t want their child to have any. There is little evidence to show that long periods of doing work at home makes any difference to achievement at school.

However, there is evidence that shows there is value in reinforcing key learning and involving and informing parents/caregivers in some relevant activities. We have an expectation that children at all levels of the school will be required to complete some relevant activities at home. For younger children this may be reading a book they bring home or learning spelling words. Older children may be asked to complete some reading, spelling, maths activities that reinforce what is being taught at school, or to complete some independent activities on a topic study. Your child’s teacher will let you know what the expectation is for your child.

All classes have home pages on our website to find your child’s class page. This will let you know what your child is currently learning about and what activities they need to be doing at home. This will also give you some safe, relevant website links the teacher has checked and deemed suitable for your child to access.