Welcome to Oteha Valley School. We understand it’s a big decision choosing where to start your child’s educational journey so we’re here to make it a positive experience.

Oteha Valley School is open to any child living within our home zone (who meets the criteria of a domestic student) as governed by the Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme. A copy of the enrolment scheme is available from the school office. 

Our home zone boundaries are:

Starting from the intersection of Kewa Road (included) and Lonely Track Road travel east along Lonely Track Road to East Coast Road. Turn south along the centre of East Coast Road (even numbers 816-1050) until turning west into Ponderosa Drive. Include Margaret Henry Crescent before turning south into Fernhill Way (include numbers 71,70 and above). At the intersection of Crimson Park turn west across country to the end of Lismore Way and into Medallion Drive (include numbers 61,88 and below). Turn south along the centre of Medallion Drive, then west along the centre of McClymonts Road to the Northern Motorway overbridge. Head north along the northern motorway to the Lonely Track Road overbridge. 

There is currently an agreement with Albany Primary School's Board of Trustees that the subdivisions in the Gills Road/Albany Heights area are a shared part of both schools' zones. 

Silver Moon Rd

Mangrove Lane

Makamaka Lane

Download the zone map


Unfortunately due to roll growth of the school we are unable to accept out of zone children.

We are in the process of applying to become a signatory to the Code of Practice for International Students and we are hoping to be able to accept International Students shortly.


What is the enrolment process?

When your child turns four please complete a pre-enrolment form, which you can download here. While this doesn’t commit you to enrolling your child, it enables us to plan ahead.

Around six weeks before your child turns five, our teacher in charge of New Entrant liaison, Mrs Kellie Gregory, will contact you to organise two visits to the school before your child starts. On the first visit, we invite both you and your child for the morning to familiarise yourselves with the classroom. On the second visit we ask you to drop your child off at the classroom and pick them up later on.

You will need to complete an enrolment form before your child is officially enrolled and eligible to start. Children can start on the day they turn five.

New to the area?

If you are new to Auckland’s North Shore and your child has already attended another school (either in New Zealand or overseas) please contact the office to arrange a time for you and your child to meet with the principal, who can answer any questions you have. Please also bring along proof that you live in our home zone (listed above).

Getting Prepared for Your First Day

Starting school is exciting!

Remember to be positive, reassuring, confident, supportive, cheerful and enthusiastic about it.

A month or so before the date that your child is due to begin school, we will contact you to arrange a date for two pre-entry visits for you and your child. During these visits your child will join in with part of the day's programme. For the first visit you are welcome to stay in the classroom – this will help your child to feel settled and secure. For the second visit we recommend that you allow your child time alone in the classroom. Children may visit in their school uniforms or mufti clothing.