Linc-Ed has changed it’s name to Hero.  

Due to COVID-19 and many of our children being absent much of Term 1 and 2, the teachers have needed time to catch up on assessing the children.  When Linc-Ed became Hero recently we needed to understand and use a slightly different format.  The teachers have since been working hard to update the children’s goals and as of Friday 14th August you will all be able to see your child’s progress.

If your child is in Year 6 and going to Intermediate School, or Junior High School next year you do not need to worry about  having a written report. The Intermediate schools have assured us this is not necessary, however, at the end of week you will be able to print off some information about reading, writing and maths progress.

At the end of the year you will receive updated goals and next steps for reading, writing and maths and a general comment that will tell you about effort, attitude, social and emotional skills, strengths and talents in other curriculum areas, as well as learning skills. 

Our journey with Linc-Ed/Hero has been long but we are very excited about being able to offer parents the opportunity to view their child’s achievement and progress on an ongoing basis, and not having to wait until the middle or end of the year for a written report.


由于COVID-19和我们许多孩子在1和2学期的缺席,老师们需要时间来赶上对孩子们的评估。当 Linc-Ed 最近成为Hero时,我们需要了解并使用略有不同的格式。此后,老师们一直在努力更新孩子们的学习目标。在8月14日(星期五),你们将能在Hero看到孩子的学习进步。



 我们与 Linc-Ed/Hero 的旅程很长,但我们非常兴奋能够为家长提供机会,持续查看孩子的成就和进步,而不必等到年中或年底才能提交书面报告。

 Logging into Hero for parents.pdf

2020 HERO Logging into Hero for parents CHINESE.pdf