Ako tuitui - Learner Competencies


Ako tuitui is the competencies we believe our children require in order for them to learn most efficiently and effectively.

We focus on 7 competencies that support the students to become independent learners. 


Identity:  Knowing ourselves, our heritage and personality traits enables us to respond to others in a positive way

Thinking and Questioning:  Using creative and critical processes enables us to make sense of experiences and ideas

Managing self:  Developing self-motivation, a 'can-do attitude and an awareness of how our actions affect others

Collaboration:  Interacting effectively with everyone in different contexts, helps us to learn from each other

Connecting and Reflecting:  Working and making meaning of a range of different ideas and experiences

The Language of Learning:  Developing a common learning language enables us to reflect on our progress and ask questions about what we know, understand and need to learn more about

Cultural:  Developing our ability to communicate with and relate to other's cultures reduces possible prejudice and concerns


Fundamental to our student's attitudes to their learning is a Growth Mindset, The Learning Pit, and The Learning Process.