From Batten and Hillary to Rutherford and Sheppard, our House system is very popular with children and teachers! When children first enrol, they join one of four houses. The houses are named after famous New Zealanders that we believe demonstrated aspects of our school’s Vision and Values. (Siblings are placed in the same house.)

Teachers and Year 5 - 6 students select 16 Year 6 students as House Captains and Vice Captains each year. These students learn and develop leadership skills, organise house activities each term and are expected to be good role models for other children. The House leaders attend the National Young Leaders Conference each year as part of their leadership development. Teachers give house points to children who demonstrate aspects of our Vision and Values, and these are accumulated with the winning house announced at assembly each week.

The flag of the winning house is flown on the school flag pole for the following week. At the end of each term the winning house is announced, and at the end of the year a house shield is presented to the overall winning house.

27-05-2014_1738_136.jpgBatten:Named after Jean Batten who was the first woman to fly solo from England to New Zealand in 1936.  Batten house flag has a plane on it and the Batten house colour is blue.

27-05-2014_1738_747.jpgHillary: Named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to reach the top of Mt Everest in 1953. Sir Edmund Hillary also spent a lot of his life helping the people of Nepal. Hillary house flag has a mountain on it and the Hillary house colour is green.

27-05-2014_1738_287.jpgRutherford: Named after Sir Ernest Rutherford who was the first person to split the atom in 1917. The Rutherford house flag has the symbol of an atom on it and the Rutherford house colour is red.

27-05-2014_1738_613.jpgSheppard: Named after Kate Sheppard who fought hard to help earn women in New Zealand the right to vote. This was given to women in 1893, and New Zealand was the first country to allow this. Sheppard house flag has an election tick on it and the Sheppard house colour is yellow.

House Captains

Batten: Sophie Gallimore and Karry Gong

Hillary: Nina Fraser and Andy Yang

Rutherford: Gabrielle Talbot and Edric Legasto 

Sheppard: Jade Bracey and Ethan Kilian 



Vice Captains

Batten - Joanna Liao and Ryan Deng

Hillary - Carolyn Ba and Dean Kim

Rutherford - Lena Huang and Earl Legasto

Sheppard - Yuuna Kishita and Lucas Qian