We are a KiVa school

KiVa is an innovative antibullying programme which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and experiences from earlier intervention programmes used around the world.  We welcome this approach as a way to raise awareness of bullying and to respond in a way that changes the behaviour.

There are 3 key aspects of KiVa:


Teachers take specific lessons and students play online games focussed on prevention of bullying.   Students, teachers and parents are clear about what bullying is and what it is not.


Intervention is used when a bullying case is identified. It is targeted specifically to the children who   have been involved in bullying as perpetrators or victims, as well as to several classmates who are   challenged to support the victim. The aim is to put an end to bullying.

The KiVa team deals with these situations quickly and effectively.


Monitoring the effectiveness of the programme is a key aspect of KiVa. We will do surveys every   year to give feedback about the implementation of the programme as well as shifts in behaviour.


Bullying is intentional and repeated harmful behaviour


A student is being bullied when one or more students:


  • Say mean or hurtful things, make fun of them, or call them mean and hurtful names
  • Ignore, exclude or leave them out on purpose
  • Hit, kick, shove, order them around
  • Try to make other students dislike them, spread lies, send notes
  • Do other hurtful things


It is important to remember that a 1-off incident is not bullying and we deal with this following our usual behaviour procedures.